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Sherco 50 Fuel Tank

rick rexroat

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I have a 2002 Sherco 50 and the fuel tank is leaking. I tried patching it with epoxy, fiberglass, fuel tank repair, and even plastic weld it and the best I could get was about 3 months use then it starts leaking again,  I tried to buy a new gas tank here in the United States but no one has one,  So I'm giving a shout to you folks in Europe to see if you can help, PLEASE Does anyone know where I can buy a fuel tank for a 2002 sherco50? 

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I had the same problem I think, on mine the adhesive that holds the petrol tap boss in deteriorated and subsequently caused it to leak. As you have done, I tried everything but because the tank is flexible it soon cracked and started leaking again.

I did source a new one through Malcolm Rathmell Sport but that was about 2 years ago so I don't know if they are still available.

In the end I was told about a substance called SIKAFLEX, Its like a black mastic but much better. Its flexible, sticks like s--- to a blanket and seems to be petrol or Benzine resistant. I sealed the tank probably 2 years ago and its still petrol tight.

Hope this is of some help 

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