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  1. Give L R Design a ring on 01406 423023. They do MX graphics but if you email them the design you want they can usually reproduce it onto thick vinyl.
  2. Sorry, I have to disagree with lineaway. Both my kids have gone from electric to petrol via a sherco 0.5, its probably the best transition bike you can get. Once they are competent on the sherco get a Beta 50 as this throws a clutch and gears into the equation but has roughly the same power. From there its a Beta 80 medium wheel or GasGas junior then on to a beta 80 big wheel. Hope this is of some help.
  3. I had the same problem I think, on mine the adhesive that holds the petrol tap boss in deteriorated and subsequently caused it to leak. As you have done, I tried everything but because the tank is flexible it soon cracked and started leaking again. I did source a new one through Malcolm Rathmell Sport but that was about 2 years ago so I don't know if they are still available. In the end I was told about a substance called SIKAFLEX, Its like a black mastic but much better. Its flexible, sticks like s--- to a blanket and seems to be petrol or Benzine resistant. I sealed the tank probably 2 years ago and its still petrol tight. Hope this is of some help
  4. Hi, Your son will be able to ride in Schoolboy group C. I wouldn't be inclined to enter the trial and ride the sections with him to begin with as it takes too long for first him to queue then you,you tend to either be rushing all day or run out of time, but I would ask the organisers if it is ok to ride round with him as he will need pulling out of bogs, picking up out of streams etc and will need all sorts of pointers as to the best way to approach a section. Once he is confident and knows the ropes you will be able to ride the sections as well and hopefully have some excellent dad-son time together. Enjoy
  5. wmc37

    Beta 50 Weight?

    Which Beta 50 are you enquiring about? the rev and go or the geared version.
  6. wmc37

    Beta Rear Wheel

    It needs different spacers.
  7. Loctite bearing retainer usually works.
  8. You won't go far wrong with Gas Gas 250. The pro racing model is a better spec than the pro standard, the factory replica is the cats nax. Try them all before you commit to buy. Have fun.
  9. Hi, Don't bother trying to peel them off, stick the peeling bit back down with superglue then run a bead of superglue round the edge of the decal. this usually works OK but superglue is water soluble so you have to keep running another bead round the decal every so often. Hope this helps.
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