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Beta 80 Clutch Woes


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So I got my daughters 80 out of the van today, started it up and discovered she had no clutch. It was fine the last time it was ridden but today the lever had no effect. It didn't feel any different but I bled it through however this didn't make any difference. She wanted to try it with no clutch and within 5 minutes the clutch was operating perfectly and continued to do so all afternoon. I've just unloaded everything and thought I would check it and once again there is no clutch...


Any ideas?



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Are you saying the clutch will not disengage? Clutch plates sticking together in a trials bike is common. Fresh gear oil helps many times. So does placing into a higher gear, pulling lever and rocking the bike prior to startup to insure they break free.

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My daughters 06 Beta Rev 80 has the same issue, the longer between rides and oil changes the more often it happens.  Just a little riding with the clutch pulled in an it sorts its self every time. 


As you indicated when it starts happening a lot in short order I change the oil and its better. 

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