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Ty 250 Mono Wont Rev !


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After a shocking ride at a recent 2 day trial i have decided to try and get the TY sorted ! 

The problem is the engine takes ages to rev up its very very flat at top end ,if i hold the throttle wide open and let it rev its nuts off it seems to clear itself after about 10 seconds but then runs crap straight after .Bottom end power seems really good and loads of torque 

Things i have done so far 

1) Stripped carb cleaned out and replaced little o'ring on main jet.

2) Replaced main seals on crank

3) Tried altering ignition timing

4) Altered main jet height for less fuel (plug was black)


Any help with this problem would be very appreciated !!  



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Hi trialssport

 Have you checked the exhaust as they block up in the middle section i had one a few years ago that had your symptoms and when i removed the outer skin the centre box was almost closed with all the build up of excess oil and carbon. Try taking the exhaust off and start the bike and see if it revs any better.Also try taking the seat unit off and running it to see if that is restricting the air flow like 2stroke4stroke suggested.Do you oil your filter as i was advised not to to help air flow.

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