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Model Advice Please?


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Was just looking for a quick bit of advice,bought this Bultaco recently. (Yes it was on ebay)...usual story..yes its's all there mate,good to go etc..anyway few bits missing,wheels out of true but it will tidy up.It all looks reasonable original.


The engine and frame no's do not match,which is not an issue to me,however,they are very close,Frame is B 9202317,engine M 9202379. Just curious really,the frame and engine no.s would indicate it is a Sherpa 350 which is what I hoped,but the,graphics on tank/seat unit are different to what I have seen,should it be the silver stripe on the underside of the tank running to the side panels or was this a variation on a particular model/year? 


Any advice from anyone who knows Bulto's would be much appreciated..(only had Ossa's prior to this and only posted and#39;on show me your twinshocker')


Photos attached.






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Your bike is a model 92, which is a Sherpa T 325. This is essentially a "big-bore" version of the Sherpa 250 (model 91) available at the same time. To avoid confusion (in the UK, anyway) Sherpa 350 usually refers to later models/versions.

Assuming that your bike was originally supplied through the UK concessionaires, engine and frame serial nos. are

probably original, even though they don't match; to avoid purchase tax at the time, bikes were supplied as a "kit" for assembly by the purchaser. 

Although the bike would have left the factory with matching nos. It would seem that the UK importers were not very particular about serial number matching when it came to selling in this country. My own model 92 has a frame no. quite

close to yours, and a non-matching engine no. very close; this bike was supplied new and road-registered in April 73. I have owned it since Jul.75.

The tank/seat unit is a Sammy Miller aftermarket replacement for the  "Slimline/Kit Campeon" unit supplied as original

equipment by the factory. A number of other parts are not original - hardly suprising on a machine this old, but not really

a concern where usability is concerned. (With the glaring exception of that open bellmouth on the carb. - you need good air filtration on an off-road bike) 

Here's an idea of what it looked like 40-odd years ago.......



Good luck.!!

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Thanks Netley and Lorenzo.

Yes the bellmouth intake is top of the list!

The unit is all fibreglass can these be used with todays fuel?

I actually prefer the factory produced seat/tank unit but as you say after 40 odd years there will always be alterations,does anyone do a reproduction unit?.

I have used Inmotion for Ossa bits in the past and are very helpful and know my card details well.!

Thanks again.


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