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Wheels Offset On 199A?


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Hi all, thanks very much for the replies.

Issue solved now. The spokes we have are the same dimensions as those sold by the well-known Bultaco shop (there was a mix up on the dimensions they gave).


After looking at a photo of a whole wheel assembly for sale on eBay, we saw that the wheel was laced with a 2-cross pattern on both sides. Lacing this way brought the offset on the rear wheel right back to where it should be. It's all built back up now, and no issues.


The front wheel is however still offset to the non-brake side. It's laced 3-cross both sides. It needs to come about 15mm across.I'm not sure if we can pull the offset by retensioning the spokes, or if it's perhaps worth trying re-lacing with a 2-cross pattern on the non-brake side.


We've fitted a new Mikuni carb at the same time, and it's made such a difference. Choke on, one kick, a wiff of throttle and it's running. With the Bing fitted, it would be all sorted of combinations of kicking, choke on, choke off, throttle, no throttle etc etc. It has been satisfying tackling one job at a time and feeling the bike improve with every step.

Thanks again,


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Tom - 


Glad you've got the rear wheel sorted.


Re the front wheel : do stay with the X-3 spoking pattern - both sides.


The nearest thing I have to an original, unmolested front wheel is this one :



It's not a wheel that I've rebuilt, and as near as I can tell has not been rebuilt by a p.o. (So "original" that I had

to replace the tyre a couple of weeks ago, as the old one had completely rotted away !) 

OK, it's a Pursang - flanged rim, etc. but it uses the same spokes as a Sherpa, and consequently the same

spoking pattern. (It's also the same pattern as used in the three mod. 199 wheels I referred to in my last



Hopes this helps.



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Just stripped an original 199B ready for rebuild.  I have sketched wheel offsets prior to re-spoking (as attached) and these match those measured on my 199A and 198B, all of them having the wheels in the middle of the fork legs/swinging arm, which is important!

Now to spoke lengths.  My new ones from that well-known supplier who shall remain nameless (let's call him Dave, Pete or Robin for arguments sake!) are the following lengths, measured from the centre of the head (pre-bent stainless spokes) to the end of the threaded portion.

Front: 225mm, 228mm and 244mm, slightly different from Lorenzo's information.  Rear: 181mm and 202mm. 

Finally to spoke patterns.  I attach a photo of each wheel for your information.  Be careful when putting the spokes in.  The pattern is obviously important but so is the position of the rim in order to get the angle of the spoke in line with the nipple indent on the rim.  It's easy to get this wrong, so just double-check before tightening anything up!

Nowt's easy, but the finished article is worth it.  Happy knitting.





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  • 4 years later...

Hello all,

it’s an old thread but worth a try ....

I am stuck for offset dimensions for a Alpina 187. All I have is the hubs (my own fault).

would anyone know where i could get the correct wheel offset dimensions for this bike? 
I will most likely send off the hubs to a well known uk wheel builder for rebuilding but I would imagine he will want the offset dimensions ...


Regards to all ..


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I can measure the offset on the wheels of  my 116 Alpina if that will help . I noticed the large offset on mine, the wheels are out and the tyres are off , some of the alloy nipples have corroded on mine , would you know the thread pitch and size ?

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