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Rl250 - 1975 Model Questions


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I have the US silver engine model.

Once I got this project running, I noticed a few things:

1.Bike smokes quite a bit, even at 60:1 mix of MC1.

2.Lots of engine noise. I used some rubber blocks between the head fins. Helped a little.

3.Bike took a lot of warm up time before I could shut off the choke. When I'd try to soon, it just wanted to die.


I figured maybe the old carb was bad, so I got a new OKO from Mid Atlantic Trials. Same place I got my 199 carb.


Bike still starts second kick and is acting the same.


I pulled the head when I first got the bike and found a bad head gasket - replaced it. Piston was shiny new, but I didn't pull the cylinder to check for wear or broken ring.


Bike also idles irregularly. When revved it takes a bit to return to low idle. Engines runs very strong when revved and does not lack power. The mid range power seems more like an enduro. Low end wasn't great, so I hoped the smaller OKO would help.


I'm guessing bad crank seals. Can the seals be changed without splitting the cases?


Any ideas on something I could be over looking?

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I'm going to plan on replacing the mains while I have the bottom end split.

It will make a good project for this winter as I will be off most of December after hip replacement. I think I will go ahead and pull the motor before that and get it up on the bench where I can work on it.


Meanwhile, I'm going to try to squeeze in as much riding before the surgery on one of the other bikes.



Thanks for the advice.

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