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Both have the late Ally head steadies which were a vast improvement on the old pressed steel things, easy to copy, triangulate from the head to the normal points on the frame and a simple bracket on the head, works well and think it stops the frames from bending aswell.

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What are the differences between a Vesty/Reynolds replica, a standard comerfords bike and a 199B purchaced in the states? Can you tell anything by the s/n? How maney of each were produced?

I would imagine there are very few (if any) comerfords replicas in the USA, unless copied over there Dave Renham might know otherwise.

I think the vesty/reynolds copy was one produced by someone up north possibly for JR. It is nicely done and is a bit more trick looking though the positions of the shocks are not that different and the advantages of one over the other are not great.

Comerfords replica I would guess around 100 the others very few.

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Dabster: Thanks for the reply, any tricks you can tell me for getting the decals to stay on the tank, or is there a special kind. I've puchaced decals from Hughs and they bubble and peal off. The new reproduction tanks from sammy don't come with the decals for the 199b.

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