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Getzen Rodeo


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I have to admit I'm an armchair fan of hard enduro but I can't really take in that Getzen Rodeo.

It looks like it's set in a park and appears to be a 3 mile long trials section.

There must be all of about 500yards where the bikes get out of bottom gear.

The spectator value is awesome and has great crowds

But tell me anyone that's been there wouldn't it be miles easier on a trials bike not that it would be any fun to watch.





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Nice idea and I've thought about this and completed major  enduros on a trials bike like the snow run.

The Getzen was particularly tough but even still no riders turned up on trials bikes.

Trials bikes dont offer the advantage 

#The suspension / chassis can't cope and the rider won't last as long with no seat.

#The gearbox and engine can't cope with regular events. 

#The fuel range is insufficient leaving the rider stranded with a dnf or meaning your refueling often whilst the enduro boys  overtake you in the pits and can last 3.5 hours on a tank full. 

#The enduro bike boys will get up everything the trials boys can in an extreme event. 

#The speed isn't there.  

# Most of all. Trials riders would look a dick / cheat and you'll be laughed at if you get a podium. People want to fit in.

These are generalisations  but some enduros can be taken on a trials bike and good results can be obtained. The Getzen was a short circuit so trials bikes would do well.

The cross over bikes like the ktm freeride just about get away with it , but even they have much small capacity tanks. This is the reason why enduro riders ride enduro bikes not because they haven't heard of Trials.

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I really don't know a couple of years back Paul Bolton did the Scott Trial on his KTM I think.

Wouldn't say it was much more technical than Getzen certainly plenty open country (80 miles)

Obviously light years behind on observation but also a good hr or so over the winners time.

I'm not so sure a trials bike wouldn't be a bad bet I feel it's more about credibility.

Graham Jarvis would know.

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