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RL250 Assembly problem


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Wow, hate to admit to this but I really need some help. I disassembled my RL back in the fall and made ready for seal / bearing replacements. All went as well as expected and I have the center cases back together. As I waited so long to complete, I took my time reassembling the clutch side outer case items. The small arm with the wheel - I think is called a shift drum follower? It has a tiny spring that anchors to the little stub at the 8 o'clock position of the shift drum. The bolt is a banjo type. Anyway, I simply cannot figure out how it attaches. I've looked at it as well as the schematic from the Beamish site and maybe it's my old age but I'm stuck.


Anyone have a photo of this daggone thing that might help?



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15 hours ago, htrdoug said:

You should only work on that old junk on rainy days,we had another great ride tonight and you coulda been there on that awesome 321,that's all I have to say...

You be right, Doug.... Rode the 321 Sunday - took a newbie and let him ride the TL125. Three hours later he was having trouble walking upright and said his legs, back, shoulders, and arms hurt.

I have golf league matches on Tuesday and Wednesday this summer. Yeah, I know - Golf,  but I usually win some money and that keeps parts on the old junkers and the 321.

What's up next? Striders for Riders, then Sidell, Illinois?

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Thanks to Jim Evans at the Beamish site for directing me as to where the part went. Yep, it goes INSIDE the cases - the same ones I'd already assembled.... so, after splitting the cases again and breaking the right side one beyond repair, most of the motor is back together and so far appears correct. Some good has come of all this trouble - frozen case bolts that had to be drilled out, center cases that broke my case puller as they had never been apart, pieces I couldn't figure where to place, flywheels that didn't want to come off..... but now I must say I feel pretty comfortable working with the cases split.

This bike has to be something special. It just has to. So many obstacles and still moving forward with the goal of riding vintage class on it.

Will post again when done.

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