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Swingarm removal


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So... I'm at a loss. It seems to me that once you disconnect the lower linkage connectors, removing the 'axle' bolts should more or less do the trick. But of course it doesn't, and I'm starting to think perhaps there's a special tool required (or maybe just a large bolt of the correct pitch) to thread into and remove the pieces that Vertigo refers to as the swingarm semiaxis. 

Anyone had their off?

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I was wondering about the same thing when I had a close look at the Vertigo (before ordering a shiny new Ice Hell :D). Dealer told me that both semi axes had to be removed with a tool that uses the internal thread in the axes. 

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Removed the linkage and swingarm for maintenance:

IMG_0353 kopie.jpg

All parts could be disassembled without any hassle. I had to modify an allen key to have good access to the allen bolt on the 'triangle' that connects frame, engine and linkage. 

The only tricky bit is to refit the axle sleeves (red parts in the picture): the frame and fork must be aligned very precisely to make it an easy fit.

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I've had mine stripped down this weekend and once you get stripping it

down it all comes apart really well and goes back together just as well.

I found if I angled the swinging arm up to the mudguard it all lined

up to get the red axle sleeves back in. I did find my chain had just started

to wear through the swinging arm chain guide so there's a new one due 


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On 4/24/2020 at 11:12 AM, jsp said:

a friend of mine who has a lathe and a bit of spare time to make this for 

me which in conjunction with a m20 bolt will just pull the axis's out 

axis tool.png

axis tool 2.png

How much does "the friend" charge for making another one? ? (would need to ship to Cornwall, despite my Dewsbury accent....). Cheers Pal.

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