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1984 Fantic 300 stator rebuild


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My "new to me" Fantic 300 I just bought came with a stator that the previous owner had taken apart with the goal of repairing.  Here are the parts I got...

2017-06-27 18.01.05.jpg

2017-06-27 18.00.52.jpg

So, being new to this (the Fantic) my question is where do I go from here?

I am not even sure if the spare widings are working (I can test them for continuity and resistance - what should I be lookig for).

Looks like on the stator there are different size winding (fat and skinny) and it looks like the missing one is a "skinny" one.

There are more wires hanging un-soldered than I expected to connect just one winding...

Once I put it together, short of putting it into the bike and checking if there is spark, how do I test it?

Thanks for the help (on what I think is going to be one of many many questions I'll have in the next few months).


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The fat wire windings on the stator are the power windings for things like lights, horn and fan (on a liquid cooled engine). The black box is almost certainly the trigger coil to time the ignition. The fine wire coil - not on the stator is the ignition source coil. This produces the power for the spark.. Resistance should probably be about 250 Ohms but this is not a reliable guide to condition.

The only proper way to test it is on the engine and measure the output (or look for spark at plug) when turning the flywheel with a power drill.

Does you bike have a CDI box or are the CDI functions integral with the HT coil?

Bradford Ignitions may be able to help.

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In the US, the Tryals Shop is your best bet for Fantic parts. If he doesn't have what you need, email Bob Wright and see if he has a "source coil" for the 300. I got one from him a few years back for mine and it didn't break the bank. 

Search back through the posts on this forum and you'll find a wiring diagram. 



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