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Finding SWMs


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 I have been wanting a SWM trials bikes since I was in high school in the early 80s. I got to ride a 81 TL 320 for a day and really liked it. It handles as good as some of the modern trials bikes I have had! Has awesome power and torque! I felt very confident on the bike.

  It took me a long time but last year I finally found a 80 SWM TL320. It's in rough shape needs a complete rebuild, I probably paid way too much and it's still not finished. When it's finished it will be my main trials bike for vintage trials. I would like to find another TL for back up also an Enduro GS SWM for vintage cross country. Where do you find these bikes? I look on Craigslist, eBay all the time. I never have even seen a SWM Enduro around here.

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Richard Allen at Allen's Used Trials spares usually has a second hand SWM trials bike for sale, and a phone call to Martin Matthews at Motoswm might find you an enduro bike, He had a nice TF1 for sale last month?

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On 4/14/2024 at 7:21 PM, hollywoodmike said:

 I have a very nice complete 1981 SWM 320 tl that runs great for sale if someone is still looking?  $1800 or possible trade?

Thanks, sounds like a great deal! I have had four SWMs since I posted this. The one I have now is a keeper! Been competing on it for about 6 seasons now. Great bikes!

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