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PECO 200 SWM Teardown

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Finally started to pull apart my 81 PECO 200 SWM . Not many of these were made, Not even sure if any others have survived out there. 

It was a small company called "Performance Equip CO" here in the UK that modified the std 125 SWM trials , I believe 6 were made,

but some of this is just folklore, would love to hear more snippets about the history of these if anyone really knows ..

Any way I've owned it from Circa 1985, Although my memorys not as good as it was, and apologies in advance for the fuzzy photos.

And Yes it was a black frame model when it was first made...




As I'm going to restore it I thought I'd put up some pictures of the "modified" parts of the engine.

1, Heavier Flywheel and Ignition Backplate modifcation.

PECo Igntion mods.PNG


2, Bore and Stroke

OK So Measured the bore and it comes in at 63.5mm Diameter. 


Doing the maths , IF the Stroke is std for a 125 at 54mm the that makes 171cc.

Bearing in mind this was the era when a 200 fantic was actually 156 !! , then maybe thats that.

But will do some more diggin to see if it is using the 175 enduro 57.5mm stroke crank or even the 61mm 240/280 crank.

I'll do an update to the page when the Piston and crank are out. 

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I think Lisa Jones (?) rode a 200 in the ssdt about that time, no idea if it was a peco. Dot Jones and husband were involved with swm / gori and were fuelling etc at Fort William. They might be worth tracking down. Bike looks very nice.

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22 hours ago, reggie said:

I believe that I had heard that the piston was from a Suzuki TS 185. Good luck.

Thanks Reggie, yep I'd heard that one too. Once I get the piston out I'll check gudgeon pin bore and crown heights to see if we get a suitable source !!.

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Hey Basinbaker

Nice one, here is the Original Lisa Jones 200, Danilo liked it. Tell tale sign on the "PECO" bikes was the handle of various styles on the top of the rear silencer.

Most bikes went to Local Surrey Schoolboy riders back in the day, the last bike I took to the 4-jours in Limoges back in the early 80's.


This bike built and developed by her father Mr Derek Jones, a mechanical wizard on the side.

Per Derek,
Started life as a 125cc and was converted to a 200cc by removing the cylinder sleeve, and boring out the barrel to accept a larger sleeve and piston. 

All parts used were Rotax.

Additional changes included a 900 gramme ( 2 lb ) additional  press on flywheel weight, the carb' internals changed, timing cover spaced out , custom spacer for internal electrics and 320 SWM bash plate.

A whole flywheel cover had to be sacrificed by cutting the end section off to make the casing spacer..!
All original SWM no pattern parts fitted.

Forks changed to Betor.
Other mod's that some of you will recognise including a grab handle on the rear silencer( pretty essential )  and Fantic foot rests.

"PECO" is short for Performance Equipment Company in buisiness during late 70s and early 80s with an SWM and Fantic dealership. Happy Days!

This bike was tested by SWM works rider Danilo Galeazzi  and modifications approved by SWM bosses who were at the 1981 SSDT.


Feb 2010 Copys 004.jpg








No idea why the front wheel is on Bultaco style the wrong way round on the newer pics...!

200 SWM Lisa 1981 SSDT.jpg








Crazy, 38 years ago now....!

Cheers Chaps.


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Wow,  Thanks Motsinge83, that's the kind of detail I was hoping for. Do you still have the bike ?.

Interesting to hear about them machining down a second Ignition cover to make a spacer....!No expense spared Ha ha.

I'll talk to Martin at "MotoSWM" about the barrel liners, Maybe its a 175 barrel?.

PS. From the pictures looks like the Leather cover on the seat was another special mod.


Cool Pictures , many thanks.

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I promised an update when Id measured the stroke, AND .... its a std 125 crank with stroke of 54mm , meaning a swept volume of 171cc.

Rebuild is on hold , I bought an old 280 ..... but will restart in 2019....

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