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349 Clutch Basket Rebuild

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Hi Fellows. 

Our 349 has a clutch in need of attention and need to check the plates' condition etc. 

First concern is on how to remove the 3 or 4 retaining clips on the outside of the plates without damaging them? And is this preventing the removal of the gear section on rear of basket?

Next it  seems very difficult to press the plates enough to be able to remove the pins.

Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, what are the wear tolerances on the plates and signs of excess wear. 

Thank you.

Here is a picture of the basket and note the little retainer clip.



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14 hours ago, kingscorpion said:

Here you can find a simple tool to remove the pins: Después de mucho tiempo callado, una cosita rápida: herramienta para desmontar embragues Montesa

After disasembling the plates, remove the wear scratches in the basket using an abrasive file.

Great tool fabrication. Thank you. 

If I understand correctly one must remove first the small Friction Disk Spring retainer clips  prior to compressing the plate enough to pull out the pins? 


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Clutch apart. Bearing being replaced. Clutch plates look very grooved. Not sure if this is acceptable and can't find any specs. So how do these look?


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