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New to trials biking

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Hi Everyone, just bought a 2002 Beta Rev3 200, in the process of tiding it up a bit, and more of a project to keep me brain ticking as retired from work.

anyone got and advice or tips, had the sticking clutch issue but thanks to this site sorted it

thanks in advance 👍

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Hi there, if you have the time and ability with the spanners go through the whole bike from front to back. My suggestion is to check, lubricate and replace (if necessary) all bearings and linkages, change the oil, air filter (if required) and coolant, take out and check both wheels and tyres and generally give the bike a thorough inspection. 

You may find this takes a while to do and could potentially (subject to what you find) cost money but in my experience it will result in relatively hassle free riding and let you enjoy your bike.

There is no substitute for good and thorough preparation, you won't improve as a rider if your machinery keeps breaking.....

Good luck and enjoy yourself......

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I recently bought a 2004 GasGas TXT 250, I might be completely new to trials but I'm not new to spannering bikes.

So today I stripped it all down and cleaned it all up, inch by inch and inspected as much as I could today and made a note of things that need changing/upgrading and or may need attention in the future. I didn't pay a lot so I expected to need to do a little work

Things I did

Downloaded the parts list and manual from GasGas

  • Drained all the old mix from the tank as well and washed it out with fresh fuel,
  • Inspected the spark plug. Seems to be running alright, not fouled. Electrode gap off by a fraction - may just replace it. 
  • Removed the bash plate and cleaned the engine casings - discovered the sump drain plug needs a new washer. All other gaskets seem to be holding tight. 
  • Stripped the plastics off and cleaned out the airbox - discovered needs a new air filter. 
  • Inspected the carb - needs a service and a needs a new linking section between the airbox and the carb. 
  • Inspected the front forks, no pitting but seals weeping slightly, so needs new seals. So may as well strip those down, juice them up with fresh oil and check the internals while I'm at it.
  • Front tire needs replacing, serviceable but old and worn. Rear tire ok. 
  • Axel and running gear, calipers seem alright, but no harm at all in dropping the wheels out to inspect bearings and regrease things. Likely do that tomorrow.
  • May as well bleed the brakes while I'm at it and drop fresh fluid in. 
  • May as well replace clutch fluid as well. 
  • Brake pads are ok, but may as well replace them as they're inexpensive. Discs are good. 
  • Chain old and greasy, cleaned that up, will adjust for slack otherwise seems in good condition. Sprockets are good. 
  • Next up will be checking the rear suspension linkages, regrease/replace anything that needs it. 
  • Rear wheel seems a bit p****d so will look at axial runout/axel/bearings, may replace. 

So got a pretty decent list but I'm looking forward to getting it back up to standard. I have ridden it and it rides alright and the engine runs well. 



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I live in Leeds and would be happy to meet up for a practice session midweek, during the day when everyone else is hard at work.!

Best day for me is a Tuesday or Wednesday. PM me if its of interest.


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