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  1. Midweek practising in Yorkshire

    hi How about Swaine Woods weds 10th? I'd PM you but I don't know how !!
  2. Midweek practising in Yorkshire

    Good idea, count me in on tues and/or weds.
  3. Is it just me?

    If running a UK world round is so profitable why isn't there a queue of well known sports promoters and TV companies lined up outside ACUHQ? As Andy says I think the risk/ vs reward is a bit too exciting for most folk. I've bought my ticket as I hope it'll be a sell out and a win for Mr Dibs in glorious sunshine. However I also have my waterproofs pressed and ironed just in case my rose tinted spectacles fail me. So I would say well done to the promotors and I hope you make a decent return on your investment.
  4. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    Well that's the first Noel Coward reference I've seen on this site. I did look at covering some of his songs but found the lyrical content a little out of step with the modern world. I did try the one about Brexit which starts off " They're out of sorts in Sunderland and terribly cross in Kent" Its on t'ytube
  5. New to trials biking

    Hi I live in Leeds and would be happy to meet up for a practice session midweek, during the day when everyone else is hard at work.! Best day for me is a Tuesday or Wednesday. PM me if its of interest. Welcome.
  6. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    I would have a ride down to Cloburn on 30th June, they're having a BBQ and test day. Tom at Cloburn will give you some advice as that's what he rides. Worst case scenario - sausage in a bun. They are a powerful bike, a 250 might be better.
  7. I wonder...

    Just had a look at the document....went straight to banned substances to see what I should be taking ! On a serious note do you know how often tests are done? (I didn't read the whole document so it may be in there). I liked the FIM strapline "Ride Clean"
  8. Dougie Lampkin book...

    Read it the other week, first class. I'm no big reader so the large print and pictures worked well for me. You think you know a bit about someone and a bit about trials then you realise you haven't a clue away from your own little world. Can't believe he didn't mention the time he met me in 2012 coming out of Tesco in Skipton.
  9. How good to do ssdt?

    If you want to experience some moorland crossing a trip to The Ilkley Grand National trial in March would give you a taste of something a bit like an SSDT moor. The trial is on a Saturday so you could ride another difficult event on the sunday to see how you feel on Monday. You have the benefit of youth on your side and the fact that your asking questions and planning in advance gives you half a chance. It is the best trial in the world. Dougie says so. Better to try and fail than fail to try.
  10. Softening a Vertigo

    So fitted flywheel weight, rode trial. The bike seemed better to me and I didn't stall it once, something I had done in previous trials. I felt it was better when rolling off and coasting over stuff like slippy rocks and roots. I was happier with my result than the previous few trials. Add all this together and I'm pleased with my modest attempt at fine tuning a bike to my preferences. I don't think I'll change the throttle to slow action as I already have that feature as standard in my age group.
  11. Softening a Vertigo

    I have a 2017 250 Combat and use it mainly in program 3 (ie richest/softest). I have fitted a 550g flywheel weight (available from Vertigo) last week and think this improves the bike for my old skool riding style/limited ability. So far I've only tried it on very steady practice. I'm riding a trial this weekend and I'll see how it works in the sections. I think mine has the quick throttle so may swap that at a later date too. Its not caused any Efi issues.
  12. Trials gear

    Trials uk in Leeds ( I know its nowhere near those other funny places) always keep a good range of brands and sizes.
  13. Leeds newbie

    I'm in Leeds with a bit of experience (=grey hair) happy to guide you and show you the ropes (I've been on them a few times). Send me a pm if you like. I say that like I even know what it is...
  14. Best trials bike for 2018?

    I swapped from 4RT (after 11 years) to Vertigo last year. Very happy with my decision. I agree the current colour scheme is a bit LOUD . But when its covered in sheet it looks just fine. No need for parts yet but accessories arrived overnight. eFi will be standard on all trials bikes soon, its just better. Ring Nick at Vertigo and go to a test day they're always running them.
  15. Another Pensioner.

    That's a great story. On a local level there's a couple of guys over 70 that ride trials regularly. That inspires me to go a bit steady on the booze and burgers as I'd like to ride a trial on my 70th. That's assuming I make it that far!!