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  1. Parkwood off road at Tong, check out their website for dates and prices.
  2. You need to worry when she says " I can't smell petrol on you, where have you been?"
  3. Vertigo is the only other bike without a carb. I'm a reluctant spannerman and it suits me. I had 3 4RT's and loved them all, had no brake trouble. £11k will get you the lightest techist (made up word) bike available from Vertigo.
  4. Not me. I do use E5 petrol though, usually Shell or another premium brand. I have no science to back that up but it just works for me.
  5. Hi I had 2012 Berlingo swb, bike fits in no problem. Then had transit connect swb again no problem but nicer van to drive. 3 people in a van is a tight squeeze though unless two of them are kids. I would buy a LWB Transit Connect if I was buying a small van again. Currenty running a VW T6 which is great but I've noticed none of these vans makes me ride any better.
  6. If you get it, put a picture up on here for us all to see you riding it with a big happy face! Think we all need a good news story to balance up the books.
  7. My 2019 had the 2 stage switch. It does make a difference but I have it on "o60's" mode all the time. (Softer and depicted by a rain cloud)
  8. I'm no expert but I think they dropped the Ice Hell moniker back in16/17 so maybe you're right about the cliff. Really not sure on used prices as I've bought my last 2 new and the lurgy thing has affected supply and price of everything these last 2 years. I bought my last one from Camio and they had some very clean late models in stock when I was there.
  9. The kickstart gear can lose its first tooth over time. This reduces the engagement and does not allow you to give the bike the required full kick. Its not a difficult repair but probably worth a trip to a dealer if you're not sure. Have a look in your gearbox oil when you change it, you may find the missing tooth. If you do, don't bother putting it under your pillow. (Spoiler Alert) There are no such thing as fairies.
  10. At 62 and a regular trials rider I am on my 3rd Vertigo 250. I tried a 300 and liked it but the 250 has all the power I will ever need. I currently weigh about 14 stone and have the 2021 DL model. The improvements over the years with Vertigo have been minor but worthwhile. If you're closer to 20 stone and with a slow throttle a 300 might be ok. The DL 250 I have is very smooth so I would expect a similar power delivery on the DL 300. My suggestion would be to up the budget and find a 20 or a 21 250 Vertigo DL model. Because "you're worth it"
  11. Hi Vertigo have been very active over the last 5/6 years establishing the brand. The Vertigo UK website shows pictures and prices of every model produced so far. I would think a 250 DL replica would be ideal foryou.
  12. Hi The R3 has only been out a few weeks so there won't be any used ones. The Vertigo website says the previous model R2 was their best seller ever. I have the R1 which I intend to swap for a new DL replica when they're available. Theres loads of them at trials now and a lot of people are on their 2nd 3rd and even 4th models. Trialtube gives a review of the R3 if you're looking for an opinion. The only way to know is to buy one and run it for a year. Good Luck
  13. Surely a 200 Vertigo would be a more logical progression from a 4RT. I changed to a 250 Vertigo after 12 years of 4RT. I'm on my second Vertigo and seriously thinking about a new 200 this year as I've turned 60 and I think it may benefit me. I don't understand why any manufacturer still bothers with carbs on a trials bike (other than design and manufacturing cost). The Montesa is the best built trials bike available probably, but I would say the Vertigo is next and is a more forgiving ride if you're at the "Werthers Original" end of the age spectrum.
  14. I had a good demo ride on one earlier this year and I liked it. I have a 250 Vertigo at present. I'm seriously thinking about getting a 200 next year. I'm over 60 and my brain to throttle isn't what it used to be (it was never that good anyway). With fuel injection on the 250 it pulls cleanly at very low revs in all the first 4 gears in a section so my thinking is a 200 might just give me a little more grip when I use the throttle like a light switch. Think Vertigo uk might have a 200 demo unit for sale. Let us know how you go.
  15. In the last 20 years I have had 4 Montesas and 2 Vertigos. My next bike will probably be another Vertigo. The latest DL version sounds different to previous models and looks to ride nicely. Why not flyover and test ride one? When its safe to do so obviously.
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