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  1. Hi Vertigo have been very active over the last 5/6 years establishing the brand. The Vertigo UK website shows pictures and prices of every model produced so far. I would think a 250 DL replica would be ideal foryou.
  2. Hi The R3 has only been out a few weeks so there won't be any used ones. The Vertigo website says the previous model R2 was their best seller ever. I have the R1 which I intend to swap for a new DL replica when they're available. Theres loads of them at trials now and a lot of people are on their 2nd 3rd and even 4th models. Trialtube gives a review of the R3 if you're looking for an opinion. The only way to know is to buy one and run it for a year. Good Luck
  3. Surely a 200 Vertigo would be a more logical progression from a 4RT. I changed to a 250 Vertigo after 12 years of 4RT. I'm on my second Vertigo and seriously thinking about a new 200 this year as I've turned 60 and I think it may benefit me. I don't understand why any manufacturer still bothers with carbs on a trials bike (other than design and manufacturing cost). The Montesa is the best built trials bike available probably, but I would say the Vertigo is next and is a more forgiving ride if you're at the "Werthers Original" end of the age spectrum.
  4. theluckyone

    Vertigo 200

    I had a good demo ride on one earlier this year and I liked it. I have a 250 Vertigo at present. I'm seriously thinking about getting a 200 next year. I'm over 60 and my brain to throttle isn't what it used to be (it was never that good anyway). With fuel injection on the 250 it pulls cleanly at very low revs in all the first 4 gears in a section so my thinking is a 200 might just give me a little more grip when I use the throttle like a light switch. Think Vertigo uk might have a 200 demo unit for sale. Let us know how you go.
  5. In the last 20 years I have had 4 Montesas and 2 Vertigos. My next bike will probably be another Vertigo. The latest DL version sounds different to previous models and looks to ride nicely. Why not flyover and test ride one? When its safe to do so obviously.
  6. oh eck crikey blimey. The trouble with getting old is you still see things as they were when you were younger. Slightly off topic here but I'm very encouraged by the levelling up of gender in trials these days which can only help with the superb example set by our multiworld champion EB (and yerself obviously). I think RevShed is a non gender specific term that may apply instead of mancave so sorry for my assumption. I have been doing static balancing (bit boring) and cycling to maintain my two wheel addiction but I'm hoping someone smarter than me can come up with something else that's within the rules. Before I had a trials bike I used to set up sections in the garden and ride them on my push bike. Think I'll try that again for the first time in 46 years. Keep Smiling!
  7. I'm no sparky but the wiring to the man cave lighting looks very casual. Think a couple of clips might be of use. Good collection of precious treasures in there. Think we'll be on lockdown in uk this week so will be tidying the garage again this year. That's twice in 5 years now, think I'm suffering from OCD?
  8. Yes it can be a proper mudfest. Sometimes just parking is a challenge. With the current ACU advice of "don't ride your bike" I probably won't be there for a while. Hopefully there'll be some good news glimmers in the next few weeks and we can get back to throwing expensive lumps of metal down in the dirt again. Lets hope anyway.
  9. Ey oop yerself I live in Rawdon and use Swaine Woods for practice. You need to be a member of Horsforth Club to ride there. Send me a PM if you want a practice buddy. Not sure if its unnecessary travel as per gov guidelines but if theres no trials it'll soon become necessary travel. Regards Dave
  10. theluckyone


    There were plenty at Addingham Moorside on sunday! A wise man described them as the nearest thing you can buy to a two stroke Mont. They're good and reliable. Keep your eye out for a test day with one of the dealers and treat yourself to a go on one.
  11. Could be the TPS (throttle positioning sensor). Had a problem with mine due to water ingress. I've maybe been a little generous with the hose pipe in the past. New TPS fitted, steady away with the hose and no problems now.
  12. hi How about Swaine Woods weds 10th? I'd PM you but I don't know how !!
  13. Good idea, count me in on tues and/or weds.
  14. If running a UK world round is so profitable why isn't there a queue of well known sports promoters and TV companies lined up outside ACUHQ? As Andy says I think the risk/ vs reward is a bit too exciting for most folk. I've bought my ticket as I hope it'll be a sell out and a win for Mr Dibs in glorious sunshine. However I also have my waterproofs pressed and ironed just in case my rose tinted spectacles fail me. So I would say well done to the promotors and I hope you make a decent return on your investment.
  15. Well that's the first Noel Coward reference I've seen on this site. I did look at covering some of his songs but found the lyrical content a little out of step with the modern world. I did try the one about Brexit which starts off " They're out of sorts in Sunderland and terribly cross in Kent" Its on t'ytube
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