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Trials experience day / training - South East?


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I've been riding a road bike for the last couple of years, first a 250cc and currently a 700cc.

I have never ridden off-road and would like to have a go at trials. I'm considering selling my road bike and getting a trials bike but would like to have a go first to see if I will enjoy it and actually have any aptitude for it! I am currently looking at an experience day with Trials Day in Leek, Staffordshire but wondered if there is anything closer to home (I live in Hampshire). I've come across Trick in the Sticks in Kent but it's a full £100 more than Trials Day for a full day including bike hire.

EDIT: Have just trawled through the last 6 years worth of posts and found Steve Saunders and Paul Nash.

Can anyone suggest/recommend any other training venues in the South East (or even West) that I should consider looking at?

Thanks for your help,


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I've done a day with Jason at Tricks in the Sticks.

Bike, boots, helmet and gloves supplied, as well as lunch and tea/coffee/water.

I'm a bit nearer than you but IMHO well worth it to give you a taster and learn some basics.

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Non Stop Trials, South Wales. Hire a brand new Montesa 4rt £60 for a half day, not training but a brilliant venue with everything from simple flat bits to expert grade areas. Ideal for trying out trials at your own pace.

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