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Not sure of the year


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I remember when i got my Bultaco, bought new plug gaped it to specks didn't even look like starting, went around to see a mate who raced go carts with Bulty motors in them.

He said half the plug gap because the electrics don't throw a strong spark, started 2 kick ;)

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We don’t know exactly what model your bike is.  You haven’t told us what the numbers are.  You mentioned on the motor you see M and the frame you see B.  What are the numbers after the letters ?  Those numbers are a reference to what model it is.  A M85 is an alpina 250. An M99 is a 350.   So let’s say it is an M8500123.   That would mean it is a 250cc alpina and that it was the 123’rd alpina built.  Roughly that bike was produced from 71-73 but there’s no way of knowing.  So write down your number and check the model reference list that was mentioned a few posts back.   As mentioned the number will correlate to a model, a displacement , and rough year of manufacture.   But without either checking it or posting here we can’t tell you for sure what it is 


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