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Not sure of the year


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Hey every body! I'm new here and new to owning a bultaco. How can u find out the year of it? And I would sure love some help trying to get this thing to run... I havent heard it run yet. I bought it for $40 so I figured it was worth that running or not. Thanks art

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When I kick it, it don't even try to start not even with starting fluid I can't find a spark plug around here no where so I guess ill have to order on internet. How do u know if timing ain't right

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When I put the number off motor which starts with M and number off bar right under handle bars which is the same on motor it just starts with B it comes up with nothing?? Why

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Bultacos were given model numbers instead of years.  You look to have an M99 I’m guessing.  The 99 is the model.  Using the link to the reference list in another post you’ll note that a M99 is an alpina.  These were produced over several years which is why bultacos cant accurately be referred to by year.  That model was made for several years and it would be impossible to know exactly when it was made 

Now to the running issue.  It takes three things to make and engine run. 

Spark, fuel , and compression.  Start simple and remove the spark plug.  Connect it to the coil wire and lay it against the cylinder head.  Crank over the engine with the kickstart and watch to see the plug spark.  If it doesn’t then get a new spark plug.  Bultacos use the most common spark plugs in existence. Any Napa or auto parts store will have them.  NGK is the most common brand and B8ES is the type of plug you need.  They’re cheap.  Buy a few to have around.   With new plug in hand check for spark again. If still no spark then there is likely a wiring issue somewhere in the system. Or the points need cleaning because of sitting 

Fuel is next..... if the bike has been sitting you need to make sure the carb is clean.  It may need to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to get old residual funky fuel out of.  Same goes for the fuel tank.  Make sure you’re using fresh fuel and mix it properly with a good quality 2 cycle oil.  We could argue about who uses what oil at what ratio but just buy a name brand two cycle oil and mix at anywhere from 30-50:1 and you’re good. 

Compression is next.  Any two cycle engine requires primary and secondary compression. Primary compression means that the crank cases are sealed properly.  This is done on the bultaco (or any other 2 cycle engine for that matter) with crank seals and a Center case gasket.  These seals help to hold the atomized fuel inside the crankcase and not allow it to leak out. As the piston travels down the bore it pressurizes this mixture and forces it through the cylinder transfer ports and up above the piston where it will then be compressed in the combustion chamber.  Combustion chamber compression can be considered “secondary compression “.  So basically you need to have no ability for the fuel to leak out or around the crank seals, Center gasket , base gasket and piston rings.  And not to mention no way for air to leak in through gaskets and seals.  Using starting fluid you should at least be able to get the bike to fire. If only for a moment.  You may have leaky seals or gaskets   Not surprising on a bike that’s 40+ years old     They’re easy to replace and readily available 

Spark fuel compression. 

Yor bike is not running because of one of those three things.  Or a combination of those things.  


PS : in North America there are two very good bultaco dealers.   Hughs bultaco in upstate New York and Mobley’s in minden Nevada. The UK also has an array of dealers.  In motion trials, Sammy miller.   All the above noted dealers have anything you’d ever need for that bike 

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