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Lee Stephens

Montesa 349 what year???

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One thing to note (and I say this as someone with a White Wonder) if you've not ridden trials before don't try to ride it in a competition - they are too much for a beginner in tight confines and it would be easy to hurt yourself on it.


On a single-track technical trail?  Riding up a mountain?  Need a way to pull your arms out of their sockets in one smooth action?  This bike is an excellent solution to those tasks, just not trials for a beginner.  Also, they're very useful for learning how to kickstart a bike while not being on the bike ;)

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Got her running well, now the fuel gets through and yeah you were right to start trialling on this would be a mistake. Power in spades, awesome to just ride out...

After all the work, they are well put together and I'm going to do another.... so may be interested in selling her if anyone's interested..

shes got the v5 now in my name.


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Had to re do tank, caswell ethanol proof (?) sealant and respray. Great!

But made me put full decals from angliavinylart 

Looks good, worth doing. 

It’s a 1981 year.




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