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TY250 1974


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I have a Teikie carburator which I am positive is the stock carburetor as I bought the bike new.  It is black.  I would like to locate a carb rebuild kit or if not available locate an original carb but need to know the internals are good as if I can't find parts it would be a problem. For some reason the guy who rebuilt mine lost the needle valve

Anu ideas would be helpfull


Geof Phillips

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im a beginner at this stuff, so please take my suggestion as such.  but from the fantastic info on this site i replaced my original 74 tk carby with an OKO.  it runs awesome!!!   the cost of replacing parts for the original was getting out of hand and it was still running rich., i got mine off eebs from mid atlantic trials who were great to deal with. it seems a perfect fit (to me anyway) and for a $115  cant go wrong.  (i just put the original TK in a box for if and when i sell the bike).  hope that helps! best, johnny

here is the link..




old carb new carb.jpg


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Hey Johnny

Thanks so much.  Sounds like this will be the way to go.  Are you using the 26mm or the 28mm.  The pictures you sent show the stock which is exactly like mine which I believe is  26mm.  The OKO looks like a 28mm  Do you recommend the 28mm vs. the stock 26mm  I live at about 6500 ft   Also can I get jets so I can jet for altitude 



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Geof, mine is the 26mm OKO .im still learning about jetting, so im sure some others are way more savvy than me to your question re altitude issues , but i do know that mid atlantic trials has great customer service and will help you get it running right.  mine worked fine straight out the box here in NY and did come with spare jets and extensive instructions on set up, but im sure they will provide you with everything you need if its something special. but man, i nearly dropped $75 on a new slide alone for an original TK oem...ouch. but feetupfun steered me to the OKO and i read on here from a wise elder of the trials tribe that a new carby on a 44 yr old bike is never a bad thing! and the OKO is crispy clean with a D slide rather than a round one and the peace of mind everything is new and fresh is worth a lot! :)


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On 9/5/2018 at 4:51 PM, tony27 said:

You have the standard carb, parts aren't as easy to find as they are for the later mikuni carbs

EBay is probably your best chance for finding what you need

Thanks  so much  I have ordered a a 26mm OKO from Trans Atlantic.  They are super to deal with and knowledgeable   

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When I get in to sorting my C out fully I'll probably order a 28mm from mid atlantic trials as well, I have extensive mods to the airbox & a WES muffler so it definitely fits what they say is required to run the bigger carb. They are certainly well priced & now that new airbox to carb tubes are available stretching to fit the larger carb is not so worrying

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