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Input shaft support bearing extraction

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I'm struggling to get the input shaft support bearing out on my '07 250 Pro. It's in the blind housing under the breather nipple.

Tried a collet and slide hammer - no go. Machined up a shaft with spigot to plug the breather hole, filled behind bearing with grease and drove in the shaft to hydraulically force it out - just blew out the seals.

I'm now waiting for some high strength loctite bearing mount to cure on the collet before having another go, this time with some more heat.

Anyone have a good solution to this one? I figure I just haven't sworn at it enough yet - a few more curses and I'm sure it'll just pop out easily :rolleyes: Or maybe I'm just not applying enough heat?

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Teamwork prevailed.

I used Loctite 620 high strength/temp bearing mount to fix my home-made collet extractor into the bearing. I then put a plate across the top of the case with the thread of the extractor through it. Plenty of heat then tighten a nut down onto the plate and out it came.


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