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2011/12 Tr 280 graphics and potential issues

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My graphics are all peeling off with old age. Anyone know of anywhere I can get a fresh set?

Ive replaced all the bushes. Shock soon to be re built. No engine issues I’m aware of or electrical gremlins. Bikes got the easy start mod and starts great. 


Anything I should look out for? Bikes still on original chain and sprockets so not done tons of work. 



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Few basic things, kickstart will come loose just have to keep an eye on it top and both bottom bolts, Tape up the front of the bashplate so water/ mud doesn't get too the wiring at the front of the engine. Treat the linkage like the chain and lube at least every time you  use it or more . I use spray 3in one oil or  really watery chain lube but be through.

That's about all I know oh and run it lean they don't like too much oil  about 40 mil t0 5 litres works for me.





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That price for sticker sets from T and T seems pretty reasonable - I paid about that for my set via the local importer a few years back.

I've actually still got most of the set as I decided to "paint" my spare plastics so I could have something a bit different. I was going to offer to sell them but I suspect it would cost a smallish fortune to get them to your side of the world :(  Lucky it's not a Beta, the stickers on mine haven't lasted long, specially if they're around any fuel :) 

Suggested fuel ratio above seems a bit light to me at 125 to 1 - the 2011's were 90 to 1 and IIRC the later ones went to 110 to 1. I've been using that (110)  in my '11 but I ride pretty conservatively. I do suffer from plug fouling occasionally but I think it's rich mixture rather than too much oil.

I also put grease nipples through the linkage and swing arm and give them a squirt "most" rides - still no play after 200 hours. I also use a hotter plug BPR4ES ?? for competition but I do go back the 5 for trail riding.




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