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Sherpa T Poly Prop Tank


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Are you overseas, bloke-types familiar with Hugh's Bultaco in New York?

He has a huge stock of NOS and used parts.

He scours the world for this stuff.

I remember selling him a pickup truck load of Bultacos and parts about 12 years ago for $200. Aaaahhhh...the good old days!

I guess trials stuff is always scarce, though.

I always has lots of Alpina and Sherpa S stuff.

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Nice for a change not to be replieing on ACU matters. perhaps I should concentrate more on things like this. I have specialised in ecerything Bultaco for some 30 +years

re - plastic tanks.

Paint : Some of he guys I sell Bultaco bits for in Australia tell me that the trick is to coat the inside of the tanks with one of the resin basd products ( not sure which one - will try to find out) - that are used mainly to stop leaks. This then sort of seals the tanks - and the spray job on outside works far better.

I have several of these tanks - all blue)- do not really wish to sell the good ones - but may have a few with the tap damage that Nigel reffered too. Will try to have a sort out soon ( sounds easy but we have literally tons of Bultaco spares)

I too spent many an hour fixing these - and eventually came up with quite a good method.

I do have one I would sell - but the idiots remedy for tap repair was to cut out a large ( and I mean large) section of the bottom of the tank.

i put it to one side in case a welding technique ever came up to repair ( about 6 inch by 1 inch cut out)

Will post some info when I have seen exactly what we have.

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Tap turnaround was one of the mods we always did regardless of metal or plastic tank. The other 73 mods I will post when I get the list out.

The plastic tank mod we did was a little mre sophisticated and involves a metal plate replacing the captive nuts inserted through the tank filler cap, works well.

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Agree with Nigel - always best to turn the tap around - try to remember on/off is opposite way - before you head hell for leather up a big hill!

Re - repair. I usd to make a plate - to fit into inside out of metal about 3mm thick. Cut and file slot in middle to allow tap centre/filter to pass through - Drill 2 6mm holes in screw position - and then either tap 6mm - or better still braze 2 6mm nuts ontop of holes. You should now be able to attach your tap to your plate and see if everything lines up - and screws thread in correctly - use slightly longer screws.

To fit plate I used to attach it to a welding rod - lightly - and then use the rod to manouvre it inside the tank - until it lined up with holes etc - I aslo made a gasket to fit on outside ( you could use O rings - but I prefer gasket and some sealer. Once lined up - insert and tighten screws - then wiggle the welding rod which will soon snap off plate - and job is done.

Lately Y kave had a few problems with Gas Gas tanks - but have not tried the above on them yet - but fear it may be soon

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John Collins: I am assuming you drill out the existing nuts and plastic "humps" the nuts fit into? I have a good friend with a '79 Sherpa T and have attepted repairs with hot glue to no avail. This metal plate fix is definitely in my future so any further tips would be appreciated. Thanks, Jay Lael

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Sorry bob can't lay my hands on it but give me an area of the bike you aren't happy with and I'll try to remember a few, as a stopgap.

Jay, did you get the package ok?

I used 6mm plate aluminum, followed johns method and passed the plate down on a stiff wire filler cap to tap hole.

Holes drilled of course. 1 bolt into plate,2nd bolt through tap into plate then 1st through tap into plate and tighten. From memory used the o ring, as they seemed to seal ok.

Any help? :D

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Thanks Nigel! Yes it's clear to me now. Yes I got the package. Many thanks. What I have done is placed the T&MX news in the loo at work. Get to read all about far away and exotic locations while on the, er well indisposed. I especially like the brochure from the stadium trial. The photo of Mark Friexa looks almost like me.

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... next step will be to find a set of the extra long works shocks (I think Lane L started the trend and I think they were Fox shocks - by the way where is Lane these days?

anyone have a pic of these shocks? Just bought a 199b that's very high at the back??? shocks are anodised red with no logos or markings- very plush too

have a look at this - http://www.motocra.com/Bultaco.htm

could this man have any tanks ??

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