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Sherpa T Poly Prop Tank


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Hi Nigel - that's at least two of us hunting - let's keep in touch, there must be some still out there...

Hi FeetUpFun - I'm pretty sure the tank was originally on the 198 - the top frames etc are the same on both the 198 and 199 although the taper of the tank, as it leads back to the saddle is lower so I'm not sure if a new saddle is needed too.

My bike is one the Vesty reps built by Commerfords towards the end of run. Bit of a bitzza but a great bike. Most of the bikes of sold in the UK in the early/mid 80

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My 199A has a natural finished blue plastic tank with the lettering painted on. (not for sale) But I have seen some pictures of a glossy blue plastic tank. Is this a paint job over the plastic and factory original? Mine is original as I pulled it out of the crate myself.

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Hi, been through the same problem myself, all the tanks are the same shape, 199 Red, 199A Blue , 199B painted blue, If you are restoring a bike it is very difficult 'impossible' to get a good finish on these plastic tanks, All types of paints and lacquers will stay on for a limited time , but once the tank has petrol in it and begins to breathe the paint will bubble and eventually peel off, Myself and a couple of mates have had exact replica ones made out of fibreglass - they look great , can be painted and appear to be stronger than either an original Bultaco fibreglass or plastic tank.

Cheers Greg

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After about 2 years of looking for a plastic tank for my 199, I gave up and bought a fiberglass one from Sammy Miller. It looks much nicer than the photo in their catalog. Their photo shows an ugly white painted C stripe, and a chrome cap, while the tank that I received doesn't have any painted stripes, and has a black cap with embossed Bultaco lettering. The blue is a perfect match. Once I put the decal set on, it will look original enough for me. Overall, I'm really happy with it (and no more leaks at the petcock :D ).

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Nigel - You're soooo right about the taps - I've been there and gave up...

On the Painted Plastic (not fibreglass) story - I worked in Madrid for a while in the late 80's and saw a number of road going 125 sherpa's with white poly tanks - I'm thinking, as the 199's were, to some extent, a last ditch stock clearance exercise from the rapidly dying Bulto brand, painting the white tanks blue seams an obvious step.

But I agree with sherpa325, once the old chemicals start to leach through the poly, the paint's history.

SherpaT - your point re the fibreglass tanks is well made but for me, I'm keen on the plastic tank more from an aesthetic point of view.

Anyway, thanks all for the comments - the search goes on and the next step will be to find a set of the extra long works shocks (I think Lane L started the trend and I think they were Fox shocks - by the way where is Lane these days?

Again, many thanks all and Bob Abell, if you ever want to sell your tank, there

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