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1994 jt125 problems

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4 minutes ago, Bunglebmx said:

You guys seem to be having your own argument.  I just wanted advice on fixing it

Sorry, I think we've finished now:D

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Lets all call it a 125 Gas Gas...there thats better already...its an old GG 125...there there...stay boy stay...its an old 125 GG that someone who should have seen this coming shouldn’t have fitted bits and pieces from ebait and Gumteey. So forget year of birth and any sanquine letters that mean naff all. Get shot of it pdq or tear it apart and put the bits in places that are hard to reach....jumble them up for good measure then in a few years time after a few more bikes have adorned yer shed you may have used most ot the bits. 

Think long and hard about your next post Bunglebmx its all in your hands now....

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10 hours ago, oni nou said:

https://youtu.be/JOHE67VIcV4     An old GasGas 125 trials bike .....seems to be like the one that bungle has, Its yellow ................ that years model is called an edition pro or whatever you want to call it ...they are all pretty much the same ..it doesn't really matter. If I put Beta decals on it it will be a Beta 125.

Oh good god.... now you’ve raised the stakes with sticker colour .....go slower stickers. I’d go with limegreen and beige. Better still reverse print the GG bit so now its a SAG SAG 521 ATEB...of course there will be doubters that will insist its really a 251 with an actual capacity of 119.9876cc but there you go🤷🏻‍♂️

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