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Sherpa Kickstart


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5 hours ago, MikeS300 said:

I don’t see how without that forging on the top end. It’s not just drilling a hole. 

While the one in you photo may well be a one-piece forging, if you were to make one starting with a standard lever, the bush at the top end could be welded on.

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The other issue with the sliding bar type is that you would have to move the bar out with your hand and then slide it back in position when the bike started, not an ideal situation in a section. The standard type can be used entirely with your foot.

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On 3/18/2019 at 8:28 AM, monty349 said:

Back in the day my Sherpa 198A had what I believed to be an aftermarket one piece kick start lever that swivelled from the bottom rather than the top, it also hugged the cylinder head closer than the original type. From what I remember it had Bultaco stamped on it

Does anyone know who made it ? and if they are still available?

I just found one on the in motion website, they list it as stock on the Chispa 

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