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Newer kickstart, what is the real world difference?


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Hi folks,

I will be looking for a used 250 trs.  Probably a standard trs one as I am an older rider just riding for enjoyment. Not sure if I should wait until the models come through with the modified kickstart.

what is the difference in practice?

i currently ride a txt pro 125 and worry about starting a bigger cc bike. 

is a 250 trs like a 250 gas gas to start?

I am happy to put a low comp head on if needed. I am 68 kilo, reasonably fit, fast approaching 60


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The TRS Ones were supposed to get the new kickstart for 2019. The RRs got the new design in 2018. There is a video on you tube under TRS USA showing the new design. If this is a poll, I would choose the new design. I haven't read of any issues either, I just like the new design better.

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If you have a choice go for the newer design, 2018rr onwards I believe. Earlier models have a segment gear like the gasser. Never heard of any issues though.

The newer setup has a full gear and works great, just takes a 'normal' kick to start, unlike a Gasser where you have to kick like your trying have the footrest off!

If in doubt the UK importer will no doubt be able to advise you which models introduced the latest setup.

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