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Vertical R oil catcher


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Hi all,

I have a 2019 Vertigo and for some reason I keep getting a lot of transmission oil from the breather hose to the airbox, and from there the oil drips everywhere, it gets pretty messy.

I have heard from a Vertigo mechanic that the new Vertical R has a "oil catcher tank" inside the airbox so that the oil won't get all over the place, but in the Vertical R parts diagram I cannot find the drawing or the part number code....

Can anyone help me out? TIA!

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Page 21 of the parts book shows a breather box (number 27). That box is mounted inside the airbox on the left hand side. 

Would be good to investigate first why there is lots of oil in the airbox... Most likely reason would be that there is too much oil in the gearbox. But I assume that you are using the sight glass to check the level. I normally fill just under max level; leaving a small air gap in the sight glass. 

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I can't see the breather box you are talking about. Are you referring to the Vertical R 2019 part list?

The Vertigo mechanic says it's normal to shed oil during extreme conditions, but still I would prefer not to get the bike so greasy....

The oil level is as you said, 375 ml which translates into roughly 3/4 up the sight glass... 


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