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Shifting - 1st to 2nd


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Thanks so much. I have actually watched this video and tried all the tricks including washers under the spring but nothing yet. I was hoping the new 2018 shift mechanism would fit too ; )

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On 7/24/2020 at 3:03 AM, AlexR said:

I just bought a 2017 TRS RR that has 50 hrs and is mint condition. The problem is that it will not shift into 2nd without pounding on the shifter and even then it only shift once in a while. If I am lucky enough to get it into 2nd then the gears from there up work fine and shifting down is not an issue. I have watched the Jim Snell videos and taken the shift mechanisms apart a few times. All the parts are in perfect shape but it appears the shift selector is hitting the shift shaft stop screw. There is now way to adjust this and it is not oval as on some other bikes. Any suggestions?

Can you grind a little bit off the screw?

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Sorry, only just seen this thread has opened again. 

Mine is still a bit of a bugger but as long as I'm concentrating, I can normally get it into 2nd ok. I think my issue was more to do with a weird clutch drag issue where at very low revs (idle) the clutch was dragging a bit, but give it a blip and it freed up. This was improved a lot by dressing the steel plates and using Nils oil. It's not perfect but at least it doesn't stall all the time like it used to. 

The change to 2nd does still catch me out now and then. I haven't tried moving the lever yet but agree that moving it down a spline may help. 


Alex - with mine, it will easily move into 2nd as long as I give it a "positive" change but I certainly don't need to give it a kick. 

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Hey guys,

I'm having problems shifting to second after a crash, all other gears shift normally. The bike will shift into second but requires a double shift, same results engine running or not. Has any body experienced this? Or can point me in the right direction for repair. Bike is a 2018 280RR



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