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Rear wheel bearings


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Its usually too much pressure washing close or actually onto the wheel bearing seals/dust covers call them what you will, that causes wheel bearings to wear rapidly. The same can be said for gearbox output shaft seals. Wheel bearings especially on trials bikes don’t turn at very high speeds. Adding more grease especially waterproof grease can only be a good thing. Certainly overpacking a bearing that rotates at high speed will cause the grease to be centrifuged out passed the sealing mechanism, but these bearings are running at much higher speeds than wheel bearings. Steering head bearings will also suffer rapid wear if the pressure washer gets to close, sealing of these bearings is marginal to almost non existent. These bearings to should be the subject of a time based service plan or planned maintenance. Blow drying with compressed air will also force water and other crap into the seal lips and create corrosion and wear. Wash these areas and wheel bearing areas with a soft bristle brush ( paint brush).

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