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jeong won lee

Vertigo start 12v battery installation

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I'm jeong won living in South Korea.

Vertigo 12v start battery connection is inconvenient
So I made a 12v portable starter battery with 18650 batteries.
It is 11.1v by connecting three 3.7v batteries, but 12v comes out because it is 4 volts when fully charged.
In the photo, the battery hold is on the side but is actually under the air filter.
Make a switch and start the engine When started, disconnect the switch.
If the switch is connected and kickstarter 3 starts.





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Vertigo went batteryless in 2017 and never looked back... Everybody says this way the bike starts much better.

I would update the system to the batteryless harness instead...

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12 hours ago, misscrabstick said:

Designing a trials bike that needs a battery to start plus all the hassle of that just seems utterly mad to me.

The idea of an external power source for easy start is very good.
But it's a bit uncomfortable.
So I made a small 12v and a switch.
It is very easy start after installation and is comfortable.
My ideas I'm writing to share.

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