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Vertigo suspension


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Evening, I’m planning on greasing and checking my rear suspension this weekend and it’s a while since I’ve done one, has one got any advice as to what order I strip it all down in ????

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Apart from the obvious (rear wheel...) I always remove the brake master cylinder and the chain. It is not required, but makes it a bit easier. Then the dogbones, shock lower mount and finally the swingarm semi-axles. Regarding removal of the front bolt that holds the dogbones: first take out the bearing sleeve on the right hand side.
Then (only) loosen the M10 bolts that hold the triangles (left and right), remove semi-axles and pull out the swingarm. 

Assembly of the semi-axles can be a bit fiddly. What I do: first mount the triangles, rocker-arm and the semi-axles without the swingarm. In this way it is much easier to line-up the the bolts that hold the semi-axles. When all lines-out: tighten the two bolts (L&R) that hold the triangles and remove the semi-axles. Then put the swingarm in with the brake line (check routing) and the brake master cylinder, put the semi-axles in place (this is the fiddly bit..). Mount rear brake master cylinder and re-assemble dog-bones. 

Regarding the special tool: M20 threaded will do (there is a photo in an earlier thread).


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thanks tcrhino, I never got round to it this weekend as when I took my frame guards off behind them was

full of sand and mud in the swinging arm bolt holes so I didn't  fancy doing it when it wasn't 100% clean

so I'll take them off this weekend after riding and and give it a good wash then look at it this weekend.

I ended up doing the oil and air filter and the air box so it wasn't a total loss. 


vertigo airbox.jpg

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