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First time taking the bike out - 2008 Beta Rev 3 270


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8 minutes ago, dan williams said:

Looks good. Keep up the practice since there's not much else to do. How do you like the MSR gloves? I've got some of the older ones and was thinking of buying a few pairs of the ones you're using.

Thanks! Love the gloves, they're super comfortable and keep my hands fairly cool.

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Hi Ethan,

You've obviously got getting over lower obstacles ok for starters which is good. Add in lots and lots of turns, look at videos of actual trials and see just how many turns there are in a section. You have a great looking practice area, so spend some time setting yourself out some sections. Once they are easy, make them harder. Practice climbs and descents, add in turns in those climbs, go across cambers and then turn.

Try filming what you do from off the bike, perhaps get a friend to film? Then use that to analyse or post it back on here.

As for actual riding tips, learn to use that clutch. Learn to ride slow and controlled, using the clutch and the rear brake and turn, turn, turn! Figures of eight on flat ground, lock to lock, turn on an up slope, turn on a down slope..... you get the idea.... 

Hope that helps.... have fun!



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See how slowly you can do the obstacles,in an event you seldom get much run up.Try doing them straight after a 90 degree turn so that the front wheel is almost on the obstacles.Practice turning around the trees to get used to balancing the clutch against the back brake,you'll probably find one direction easier than the other.Theres lots of instructional stuff on Utube,study them.Dont expect too much too soon,the top guys make it look easy,and it really isn't,have fun

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