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Scorpa sy250 fluids

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Just got my first bike Scorpa sy250 2006

Lots of questions

Standard or super unleaded

Best 2 stroke oil to use and ratio 

Best gearbox oil

Best pads front and rear and brake fluid

Anything i should specifically do or keep my eye on or mods I should do.

Thanks all.


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If you go the Birketts website, you can download an owners manual etc. that'll answer most of your questions.

i use super unleaded, and silkolene 2T oil. I use Galfer pads as I like the feel, others will tell you otherwise.

i only use Silkolene also, as it's what I can get, decent quality that is, locally.

its all down to choice and availability really. If you support your local bike shop, use what they can supply, because the option of always being welcome to put your head round their door and ask technical questions, might out way getting other brands on line!

just my thoughts.........

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Super unleaded if you can get it. higher octane and lower ethanol content.

Motul 710, thats what birkett used to recommend. 60:1. Dont be tempted to run leaner, and if youre going to be giving it a hard time even 50:1. You have to remember the age of the bike and they run fine back in the day on 60:!, any less oil is certainly no advantage on a 15 year old bike

Personally i still use and used to use motul transoil for my sy250. Not a fan of ATF, especially in a bike that had a clutch that never dragged. Any light gear oil is fine.

The water pump hose on the right side is very vulnerable, can be easily caught on a rock or split if the bike falls over onto a sharp rock, and its day over (happened once to myself). Birkett used to do a water pump housing that had the right angle in aluminium then the hose. He also did carbon fibre guards. Both probably impossible to get now, so you may have to fabricate something yourself, or maybe even keep a spare bit of radiator hose handy if youre going to compete or travel far distances. Theres so little slack on that hose that you cant cut the hose and strecth the good bit back over the housing

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