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Help needed for Bultaco Pursang Tank Colour

Old man

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Hi wanting to spray the side panel's so it's matches the Tank as believe the yellow circle in the same orange red would look nice. Seen a Pursang with the colours on Youtube .(Photo ) Don't know wear to find the information to tell me the correct colour. Any help would be appreciated or point wear I can do my homework would be great. Thank-You



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The Bultaco Red in PPG paints is Torch Red. Code DAR 74013. Thanks to Bultaco Classic for this information. I think In Motion also has spray cans of this red. The yellow is on the sidecovers because that is the universal colour that an open class motorcrosser has to have on all of its numberplates.

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Hi thanks thought it might be a different colour as bought Torch Red from Halfords when Sprayed the Sherpa tank. The  Pursang tank seems more Orange red than Red thoe took photos of tank so going to Halfords today. Looked for Yellow circle to buy to put on side panel but looked very thin paper type so still looking.

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Take tank down to your local  pro auto paint supplier & he will match it perfectly using colour chips. Underside might not be faded.  He should be able to mix you up 1/4 or 1/2 litre of 2K base coat, which can then be sprayed & clear coated with 2k clear lacquer. 2K Clear coat most important, as it provides protection from fuel spills. (same as your car).

Rattle can finish : cheaper, finish questionable & won't last very long.

NB, seal tank internall & only have fuel in it while you are riding it. Otherwise drain completely  &  vent tank  when bike not being used. If you don't do this, you are risking tank going to mush with E5 ethanol fuel. (soon to be E 10 I am hearing , that's 10% not 5% ethanol)  

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