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Hello from cold Ceredigion.


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Hi, my name is Tod, and after 40 years of being without a trials bike, I'm now back in the fold. I've never been without at least 1 road bike and recently managed to blag a long term loan of a Montesa 349, of the type I used back in the day. Been fettling with it to get it running after being laid up for at least 2 years. And now it starts 1st kick and idles sweet. Just have to figure out the other big issue..... Poxy thing is stuttering in wide throttle openings. No power. I'll be scouring this site for solutions to this problem, and probably solutions to problems I don't know about yet. 

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Thank for the replies both. If I get it running right Keith, I'll be up for a ride. And Lowbrow, I've rebuilt the carb and it's as clean as clean can be. I've had all the jets out, and there's no crud whatsoever in there now. Clean as a new whistle. It starts first kick, with choke, from cold, and first kick without choke when hot. It idles beautifully, but its not right on wide openings. I may try different needle heights to see if it makes a difference. It feels like the exhaust wants a decoke. I've flushed the back box out with caustic solution, and left a blowtorch blowing through it for a hour or so. It still feels the same. I've tried it without the back box and it's bl***y loud, but still the same. I'll ask in the fixit section for suggestions. 

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If the jetting is to spec then it could be ( everyone has to guess from here on) an ailing ignition possibly the condenser or the coil. Check that the fuel tank hasn’t succumbed to the dreaded Ethanol issues and also that the fuel tap flows freely. Check that the air filter is in serviceable condition and no blocked, trapped or mis fitted breather pipes. Take care with the kickstart as this can muller the flywheel housing by punching a lump out if the kick start is incorrectly set....do a search its a well known issue. I cannot extoll the virtues in using Ethanol free fuel enough to eradicate fuelling issues. Hope you can sort out the 349 ?? 

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