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Ossa MAR


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Hi folks,

Fancy having a go at sidecar trials and currently own a 1975 Ossa Mar 250. 

2 questions if i may, does anyone know of a used chair for sale for sensible money, if not i will have a go at making one as plenty of reference photos around and i can weld (or so i tell myself) but has anyone done it to an Ossa before, can find pictures of a yellow Ossa 350 on the web but the frame looks different, it's the headstock mount that looks tricky to resolve.

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On all the carb'd Ossa's they had a backbone frame and the down tubes were all bolt on from the headstock to the crankcase mounts.

Remove the left side down tube and this at the top is the one to weld the sidecar mount onto. Don't use the headstock itself.

Theres some old photos, of Ossa sidecars on the web from the Pearce Simon trial, that Ringwood MCC put on, when it was a sidecar round! 


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I got my chair on ebay.  They come up from time to time so setting up a search can help.

Like you, I used an old bike I had at the back of the shed.  With hindsight it would have been easier to buy a used outfit, but there is a certain satisfaction in finishing a project.

Don't forget you will need heavier rear springs, and I added some additional pre-load on the front end.

I had trouble finding the required tube.  The issue was buying a small quantity.  Plenty of places to buy 10m lengths!

I have a 17" Honda moped wheel with a 17mm shaft if you want it.

Good luck



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Thats great, thanks for the information. I have been looking on ebay quite a bit for one. I may yet buy another Ossa MAR frame if it required butchery, wouldn't want to not be able to go back to a solo bike, but dont have funds for a complete new outfit, plus wife thinks i have enough toys already :)

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