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M49 mudguards


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Hi all, looking for Ally mudguards for my early M49, obviously I can get them from Inmotion but wondered if there was a ‘more cost effective’ route. Any thoughts appreciated. Also looking for a good used Right hand fork bottom or thoughts on how to salvage a really worn one. 
thanks , Andy

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1 hour ago, Hydramatic said:

It’s the inside bits of the slider that’s worn. The chromed stanchion was very bent and rusted, this poor old girl had a very tough life ! Would like to go with ally guards for originality. I’ll probably never ride it in anger. 

Those sliders are quite readily available second hand.

If you want to retain the original slider, the slider can be restored for service by a machinist fitting a sleeve near the top.

You've got Buckley's chance of getting second hand aluminium original guards that are in good condition. If there was such a thing available, they would be more expensive than the modern replica aluminium guards because of their originality (the replicas are not exact replicas).

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