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Busy busy busy ... therefore, Rieju


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I've been super busy, stacked up with work, sorting the house, taking care of a new puppy.  So the old trials bikes are on the back burner for this winter ... instead I've been getting out on my other half's Rieju Tango.  It's fab, basically it feels like riding my old DT100 back in the day, just with fuel injection, electric start, etc.


They're just basic farm bikes, but agile enough for the tricky trails (though I need to add a skid plate, hand guards, and more aggressive tyres).  What I like about it is that there's no faffing around with mixing the fuel, or messing about with the idle because of the weather, etc, just hop on and go.

I might get one for myself when finances allow.  My other half loves it too, she's even said I can have her Pampera if I like!

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Had a fun ride today, had to clear a bike-shaped hole in this downed tree ...


... and then decided to try and find the limits of what 9hp and 105Kg can get on 50/50 tyres.  Photo angles are weird, this is about 1 in 4 uphill including some ~10" steps, loose baby heads, and ruts.  It was work (where a modern trials bike would just skip up it easily), but it got me there with only a bit of scraping the frame :)


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The old Tangos are all over the place here, this is a new shape one ... often used by small-plot farmers with a big rack on the back to avoid having to get a 4x4 or tractor up a mountain for small jobs, or by teenagers in rural areas (along with Derbi 50cc bikes, lol)

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