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Gaunt Suzuki Questions


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I have just acquired a 1968 Bearcat which is the ideal starting point to build  a Gaunt replica! Being the latest model of the Bearcat it has the B100 frame with the TC120 dual range motor it’s perfect for the job! But I have a number of questions...

These should be from the Invader 200 are they still 30mm? And looking at photos they must be a bit longer if so how much? If I can’t find any Invader forks I’ll find something suitable that looks right 
While we are at the front did Peter alter the head angle?

These look to be smaller than the B100 or Bearcat hubs, possibly  A100 or A50? 
Swinging Arm
I know it’s about an inch longer but does anyone know how much exactly? And what length shocks would be best?

So far I’ll just be fitting the T20/ GT 250 piston as it needs a bit of a rebuild anyway 

Any information is welcome 

Thanks Ian

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Peter Gaunt used the Super Six piston, making capacity 128cc from 118cc.

There's a detailed article about the bike, including a picture of the lengthened swinging arm, on www.bsaotter.com in the article headed "Geekies Gizzmo" in the list on the right of the screen. 

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