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Galfer Red not delivering


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I've got the red Galfer brake pads on both our Sherco 3.2 and our Scorpa TY125, and have used them also on previous bikes.
These pads are praised highly in the community.

But they can't convince me. Initial feel is good, but after a few sessions, they start glazing, squeaking, and fail to deliver any bite at all.
This happens on all our bikes, and the sensation can be best described as having your pads covered in oil. (they are not)
Patching the pads up, by sanding them, works just for a few sessions.

We strictly ride in a forest 
We clean the bikes every session only using tap water, no HP. 
If brakes need cleaning, we use compressed air and brake cleaner.
The caliper is centered to the disc, and leak-free. 
No binding of the brake pistons, or dragging brakes. 

I'm running a Sherco 125 on standard pads, which seems to work fine.

I'm wondering if I need some sort of break-in procedure to make the Galfers work as they should. 

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As mentioned above. With any pads you need to get them hot enough to burn the crud off and a trials bike never gets them hot enough to do that. Stick your bike in 4th gear and go up and down a road a couple of times with the brake pulled in to get them really hot. Have someone ready with a bottle of clean water to tip on them. Do that 2 or 3 times with each brake and they should be fine. Do each brake separately and don't over do it or you can cook the seals. You want it hot enough that it sizzles and steams when you pour the water on but not that hot that the brakes start to fade. 

If a trial is really muddy I find I need to do this more often. If you are stuck you can find a stream or puddle and do the same procedure and jump off and kick water over the brake, but it works a lot more effectively with a nice clean bottle of water.  

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