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Does anyone have a MOTS stone 4 jacket?


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I'm looking to buy a MOTS stone 4 jacket but need some advice on sizing. The size guide on the MOTS website is clearly wrong as the measurements make no sense at all.

I am guessing I am between a M and L.

Does anyone have one that could advise on fitting? Your height/build etc and size you wear. 


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I am 5' 9" and 78kg, 39" chest. I usually wear a medium in say a MOTS or S3 trials shirt but generally hover between medium and large depending upon the brand and how fitted it is. I ordered both M and L in the Stone 4. Medium fitted better in the body but was too tight under the arms. I went for the large as it felt more comfortable, particularly with the gillet in.

I would say if you're a slim build in the arm and shoulder then the medium will fit a treat.

I've worn mine a couple of times and never with the Gillet - it's just too warm for riding in my opinion. I don't think they are billed as waterproof and they are not.

Hope this helps



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