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2021 TRS 125RR


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My son rode a 2019 RR and while the bike felt nice it had no 'get up and go' compared to his Gas Gas.
He rode a Beta Factory, Scorpa and a TRS and found the TRS his least favourite in terms of torque and grunt.

I believe this has been rectified on the later 125 TRS but not sure.

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A bit late in my response, but maybe my thoughts may still be relevant. I have a 2018 TRS RR 125 and love it. I had previously had 125, 200 & 250s and love how nimble the TRS 125 feels. Sure, I had to adapt to using a little more revs and holding the throttle on that little bit longer when going up and over but riding the 125 really makes getting your riding technique as best as can be as can't rely on the throttle. I have fitted Boyesen Carbontech Reeds (CTT123) and ended up just leaving the jetting the same (we ride no more than 300m above sea level here in Western Australia) - I have fitted Boyesen reeds to all my most recent trials bikes (125, 200 and 250s) and I have found that they do seem to smooth the power and improve low down power and torque - but I am also a rider that is not a heavy twister of the throttle and prefer to plug away with control. To me, my TRS RR has sufficient torque and grunt and no problem using 2nd gear for much of my riding.

I too would look forward to riding a 2021 TRS 125 and compare.

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