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An old newbie with questions.


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Hi all, well I took the plunge and now own a 1974 RL250. So I have a few questions that the forum may be able to help with. First I have ridden and raced almost everything since 1967. I can wrench and I'm not afraid to fab up goddies when needed. So questions

1. I have an absolutely shot petcock so unless it's an only option I don't want to rebuild it. Pingle makes a good one, but not sure they make one that fits, so sources would be great.

2. The inside of the tank is lined (well sort of lined if you mean some really nasty crap peeling off everywhere) so what are my options. Tank? How to remove the old liner mess, or send off for repairs? I'm just getting into this so the learning curve will be quite steep I assume. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Just my 2 cents-   you might be able to grab one corner or a piece of the coating with a pair of surgical forceps.  If you can get just a chunk of it out, then you can use that chunk to test various chemicals on.  Paint remover or MEK might dissolve it well enough that it will at least soften up and you can drag the pieces out with the forceps.  Once that is gone, you can probably get most of the old rust out by putting in about a pound of sheet metal screws or short drywall screws and then shaking and rolling the tank carefully.  

Home Depot has MEK and paint remover- wear a face sheild with this stuff and don't get any on that nice paint on the outside! 

P.S. loosen up those tiedown straps on the trailer- you don't want to smoosh the fork or shock springs permanently. 

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Thanks for the idea's. Will try acetone first. I have some of that. On the trailer, it is a Suncoast Carts 1983 trailer. It has a ramp that comes out the back, and tilts. Nothing to loading or unloading, and it only weighs 140 pounds. LOL


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