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Mystery of the missing impeller


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Hi my 2011 Evo 4t recently started overheating upon checking various things I found the water pump impeller was missing. There has been various posts about this eg excess heat has melted them. On mine there is no trace of any bits so I can only assume it was never there. Past posts never came up with a definite answer but hopefully others have has this problem and got to the bottom of it. Any views on this mystery. One other question   Is the camchain automatically tensioned or is there a way of doing it manually. 
Many thanks in advance for any replies. 

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it seems unlikely that the bike could have operated successfully since 2011 without a functioning water pump.  Like you, I have heard rumours of impellers melting.

The cam chain runs in plastic guides so it is worth checking these are OK if it has been running hot.  The tensioner has a spring mechanism.  The manual will tell you how to check and reset.

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