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Riding with the sidecar wheel off the ground


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Have just managed to break my collar bone falling off my outfit.  Was on a bike high camber and the outfit flipped, and rolled down the hill.  I was thrown off and the bike landed on me on it's first roll.

Clearly I need to improve my technique!  I have seen photos of people riding across a camber with the sidecar wheel off the ground.  However. I have not been able to replicate this.  Can anyone advise?


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I assume you had a passenger[monkey] on this ride?? If not don't ride again! go to the next trial and study technique,and also ask for advice, you will find the sidecar lot happy to discuss things like this, which is why they are in the sport.The passenger has to be highly intelligent or crazy to do it, and understand how to balance the outfit and also mega fit to do this job. Which thankfully rool's me out, I'll stick to solo's..HAVE FUN ;-]


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i'm not good enough to pull that off in a section, but we've tried riding along on the flat with the chair airborne. The theory is to translate this action to a high cambered section so you can run the chair wheel light. The driver needs to be slightly over (but still in control of the bike!) while the passanger is right over. On Pre65 sidecars you'll often see the drivers left foot on the seat to move the centre of gravity over.

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