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  1. have a word with john shirt jnr, as his father was micks partner when doing the majesty bikes. He's a great guy and top competitor, get in touch through gas gas uk, the lads and ladies there are also very knowledgeable, send them a mail as they can be very busy.
  2. yeah i've used a mk1 berlingo 1400 for the last 8years, and just bought a 10 plate berlingo 1600 diesel to update transport. makes life ultra easy to load bike, only carries one, corner to corner and having lowered floor gives you better headroom over std vehicle. note most wav berlingo's only have 3 seats, thinking of turning mine into a micro campervan so it can be multi use and can make a cuppa. friend bought a peugot partner car unmodified so he's got seats for his family but harder to get bike in! in the later models seats are quickly detachable but obviously you need somewhere to store them, when not used.
  3. it just seals off where honda drilled the oil feed to the cam, a blob off silicone would seal it if you have'nt got the rubber bit.
  4. yellow wire from alternator is ac output, you feed this into a on off switch, then through dip switch. For mot you need dip/beam tail light and brakelight and horn you're ac regulator should stop it blowing bulbs, wire it into the system after the on off switch.. you can run on the road with no lights in daytime, so you get a daytime mot and you still need a horn but no brakelight.
  5. moto racer 3, by sold out software [the gold edition] has a full trials sim on, and plays great, you have to learn to do all the tricks in an arena. there's also mx and road racing. was listed to run on pc's up to windows XP, SO SHOULD RUN IN COMPATABILITY MODE ON A MODERN WINDOWS MACHINE
  6. I use a 2001 belingo with a wheelchair adaption, fits one in easy and great for unloading as floor is dropped 8inch and ramp is bonus, jaws drop at the trials as its brill, think the 2004 facelift model looks slightly bigger and think at a push I could get two in, and certainly by removing front wheel of one..back in the 80s I used to carry 2 in a hunter estate [yes I am that old] by taking bars off and sliding them in with a board between them. Had 3 in an escort van,2 forwards and 3rd in backwards with bars on top of back doors. needs must as they say..
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