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  1. Bm1200

    4T Carb

    I use an extended one off eBay listed for a vm26. May not quite be the right profile as the adjustment is a little sharp. Works ok but there is nothing easy about adjusting it unless you have long thin heat resistant fingers.
  2. Bm1200

    4T Carb

    http://www.mikuni36.com/Images/BSR36-carburetor.jpg http://www.carbrescue.com/pdfs/mikunibsr36.pdf These aren’t exactly the same as the Beta carb but are very similar. I don’t remember seeing anything like it in my carb and there is nothing obvious on the diagrams. If it fits in the recess over the idle mixture screw it could be what was left of the anti tamper cap after some one drilled it out. the diagrams show the build up of the carb needle. The spacer is a thin washer that allows you to set the needle the equivalent of half a slot.
  3. They are listed on the CMSNL website https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cota-4rt-2006-6_model32013/cover-tappet-adj-hol_12351nn4000 not cheap even before shipping
  4. Mine sounded like that when I set the clearances wrong, the decompressor opens valve twice when turned by hand or kick speed. I set the clearance when it had slight lift on the decompressor cam therefore way to big when it was on the base circle. I didn’t use the tdc bolt, thought that should ensure you’re in the right spot. I’d work out where the valve is at max on the main and decomp cam and turn the crank 360 and set the valve clearance there. It’s so much easier with the engine out.
  5. Plastic screws are god but may only solve part of your problem. I have the later air filter cover type and found you need an M5 screw for the lid otherwise you can still snap the mudguard. You can run an M5 die down an M6 screw which saves ordering 2 lots of screws. I also cut the lip of the mudguard where is meets the air box. like other people say you can use tie wraps but it wont save you if the air filter lid is bolted down. I buy M6 x 16 screws on eBay from China take ages to come but cost next to nothing. Nige
  6. Hi Dean Lock down has given me the chance to do a bit more maintenance, so while the engine is out I popped the water pump shaft out and took the attached pic. The seal surface is visibly polished but no detectable groove or edge you cam feel after two years, probably around 80 hours, Grease was still present with no signs of leakage. Re-greased with red rubber grease for another year.
  7. Hi there I found the best trick with your old 4t is to take the master cylinder off the bike lower it and tilt it so the air can go straight up hill. You will need to push the piston with a screwdriver and it would be useful to have a spare hand to open and shut the bleed nipple but it does the job in about a dozen pumps. Nige
  8. Sadly all the seals will need changing as they will have swollen and eventually split, might be ok with the pipe but it will need to be flushed. lots have people have made the mistake the other way by putting Dot 4 in mineral clutches.That generally works for a week before the seals swell up and split. BMW motorcycle forums are full of tales with bikes from about 2010. This mistake is less common because not so many people have mineral oil in their garage to make the mistake. I have first hand experience because my Nephew was sold Mineral oil to go into a Peugeot braking/Clutch system that should use DOT 4. First the clutch went light then stopped lifting fortunately it made it undriveable before it stopped the brakes working. The cost was enough to scrap the car. Nige
  9. Bm1200

    Beta Evo seat

    I’ve got a 2012 300 4t with a 2015 guard with the filter access hole. Fits perfectly. Nige
  10. I have a 2012 300 4t which uses a pair of 6004 2RS in the rear 42mm dia. and a pair of the smaller 6904 2RS in the front 37mm dia, some apparently use 6004 in the front. 2RS means rubbing seals in each side. 6904 are the same as 61904 for some reason Nige
  11. No not a plug chop but they take no time to go black, the hotter plug stays a better colour. It seems modern fuels dont really go the old fashioned brown colour.
  12. I have the same problem in the UK with my 2012 300 4T 120 Main Mine came with 27.5 but tried 22.5 to get the mixture leaner ended up with 17.5. Needle currently in top groove, plug still just as black, it uses no oil so it is not likely to be that. I wondered if it was really rich or if the plug was not hot enough to self clean so put in a harder plug 6 in place of 7 that read a bit leaner used to have a lot of back firing with all the jets but got round that by putting a lighter spring in the overrun enrichment valve. Not sure if it had the right spring in but it seemed very strong. Nige
  13. I had never heard of the silicate issue. Must admit I was going for metal compatibility having seen some pretty horrible corrosion/erosion of some high magnesium alloys but will be going for silicate free in future. Mine leaked it’s water into the sump didn’t help that the vent hole was blocked with degraded grease which is why I used red rubber grease which seems to have great water resistance compared to other greases I have used. Will post another pic next time I get the shaft out. Nige
  14. Hi Dean Have you found the 4t engine manual online, it shows the locking bolt in the crankcase. I didn’t bother , with he mass of the crank I was able to undo it with a sharp tap and did the same to tighten it. I couldn’t find a torque any where. I haven’t seen a high capacity pump for the 4t but don’t have any problems in the uk climate. I popped the shaft out after a year and stuck some more grease in. With the ordinary nitrile seals there was no signs of wear. The more recent manuals show this as a 40hr service and 80 hr seal replacement. Will have another look in January.
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