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  1. Hi the US Beta site has lots of manuals to download. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2011%20Evo%20125-290%202%20stroke%20owners%20manual.pdf that one has the torques for the rear linkage. Nige
  2. Got a 2012 with the later mudguard with the air filter lid. Plastic bolts and trimmed the lip off the underside. I bought m6 bolts and managed to run a 5mm die down one to use for the air filter lid. Only snapped the rear bolts so far. Would have been on second or third by now.
  3. Bleeding clutches is a lot more difficult than brakes, you can spend ages pushing air back and forward. If you un bolt the slave cylinder from the side of the engine it is much simpler, the piston goes full travel and bleeds just like a brake. When bolting the cylinder back on It will just push the piston back as long as you haven’t taken too much slack out at the lever. If you can’t bleed it like that the you have another problem. Hope it does the trick
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